Download OGWhatsApp APK Latest Version v8.20 2020

OGWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp which gives its users a clean, simple and free messaging service that is secure and reliable. Developers also added some of the advanced features that some users might feel important regarding their privacy and security needs. OGWA offers users privacy regarding features like deciding who will watch their profile pics, statuses and who can chat with them. This all makes it a reliable messaging app out there. Developers also added some advanced options in OGWhatsApp updated APK recently like deleting the sent messages and hiding online status. OGWA is an alternative version of Whatsapp Plus.

OGWhatsApp APK

OGWhatsApp latest version 2020. Whatsapp needs no introduction, it is the worldwide popular messaging app that has 500 million active users monthly. WhatsApp has always been with us since we got our first phone in hands. It’s flexibility, clean interfaces and free service is what makes it stand apart from other apps. It’s fast, safe and reliable that we don’t even think to use any other app instead of WhatsApp. When this app was launched to play store, initially, it had lacked some of the features and basic messaging needs, but with time, WhatsApp got better day by day and today it offers tons of features that attract and make users visit WhatsApp again and again.

What is OGWhatsapp?

OGWhatsapp is also known as OGWA a safe, secure and reliable version of the official Whatsapp application. The simple version of WhatsApp sometimes simply doesn’t provide what we look for. On the other side, OGWhatsApp is modified by developers which brings interesting features along with the basic ones.

OGWhatsApp APK

The use of this application, won’t hamper your privacy as well as security. There are tons of features added which are useful in our daily use. Its main features are DND mode, Hide online status, Customization, and auto-reply feature.

All these features work smoothly without any problems. Developers of OGWhatsapp latest version keep updating the app and adding new features Download OGWhatsApp APK update. In this article, we have provided complete information about the OG WhatsApp And its features that too with direct download links.

Download OGWA Latest version

OGWA APK latest version (v8.20)

OGWhatsApp APK Information

Size48 MB
Requires Android5.0+
Last updated1 day Ago

Exclusive Features Of OG Whatsapp

As we have discussed earlier OGWhatsapp comes with tons of customization as well as other privacy features. Some things might not be useful for someone still there’s still a lot of features itself in the app that is useful. Download GBWhatsapp latest version to get all the features plus enhanced security. Here is a quick overview of currently available features.

Anti Ban APK:

 If you have been using the modded versions of Whatsapp, then you might have known the pain of getting banned. Whatsapp officials always keep an eye on the modded versions of WhatsApp and they Ban users who are using the third party WhatsApp Mod APKs. Now with the latest version of OGWhatsapp, don’t hesitate using the app as developers have fixed the Ban issue and you won’t have to face any issues regarding the Ban. This app is secure and completely free to use and new features are being added each and every update.

Pre-built Message Scheduler: 

This feature has been added recently to the OGWhastapp and users are loving it. There’s someone to whom we want to send messages, greetings at a certain time, but sometimes we simply forget to start a chat with them. To solve this problem, developers have added the feature called Pre-built message scheduler which sends a message automatically at a certain time. All we have to do is to simply set the message text, the time and the contact that we want to send a particular message automatically. OGWhastapp will automatically send the message to the contact without you doing anything. Here, data connection or Wifi must be enabled on your phone in order to send the message. This feature simply makes our life easier and we can look after our work without a hustle.

Make Calls To Non-Saved Numbers: 

In regular Whatsapp application, if we want to message any contact or if we want to simply place any call and make conversation, we have to save their number. This process of saving the contact number to our phone can be eliminated and we can directly place a call without saving that particular number. This feature of OGWhastapp comes handy when we have to place a call immediately and we don’t want to save any unwanted number to our mobile phone.

Inbuilt Status Download Feature:

 WhatsApp, apart from just chatting and sharing gossips, we often use it for uploading the status. This feature makes us even closer to our friends and family. But in the official version of Whatsapp, we can’t simply download one’s status to our phone directly. And we often ask them to send and this all takes a lot of time and simply makes no sense. Rather, you can use OGWhastapp to download the status / Stories of your friends and relatives that they share on WhatsApp.

Increased Characters For Written Status:

 In the official version, you are limited to write only up to 130 characters in your written status. But the latest version of OGWhatsapp provides you with the freedom of up to 250 words. This comes handy when we have to put long quotes or written status and size is simply too large. Such kind of features is on the way which will change the way you use WhatsApp. So download OGWhatsapp now to enjoy the features.

Set Group Name Up To 35 Characters: 

Whatsapp is mostly known for its group chat. We love group chatting most when all our friends are on and the conversation never stops for hours. But when it comes to setting the name of Group name in WhatsApp, the official version limits our creativity up to 25 characters only. But with OGWhatsapp latest version you will get 10+ more characters. So keep your group name crazy, the way you want and with up to 35 characters.

Copy Anyone’s status on your clipboard:

 This feature gives you the ability to copy anyone’s written status to your clipboard. As we all know, we can’t directly copy someone’s status directly and paste it on somewhere else. We but with the latest version of Download OGWhatsApp APK, we can directly copy the status of other people and copy whenever we want. This is the great time-saving feature that has been recently added to the OGWhatsapp. Apart from the other awesome features which are not present in the official version will be coming soon.

Block specific contact’s call: If someone is annoying you by calling you through the WhatsApp and you don’t want to block anyone, this feature might help you. All you have to is to simply turn off the call receiving option in the setting of a particular contact. OGWhastapp always strives to bring such awesome features to its users without any cost, download now to know more of such features.

Send Up to 90 Images At a Time:

 This is a very important feature of the OGWhastapp, there’s sometimes, we need to send multiple images to someone urgently, but the original version has a limit of 10 images at a time and it is irritating as well as time-consuming experience to choose 10 each time and send again. I myself had this experience where I had to send 50 images to someone but WhatsApp limited me to send 10 images at a time. Download OGWhastapp and make use of this feature to save your time and improve the WhatsApp experience.

Inbuilt Whatsapp Locker:

 Since WhatsApp has been released, we have been always in the search of good app locker from the Play Store. This is because the Official Whatsapp version doesn’t provide the inbuilt lock feature, and unfortunately, there’s not any single third party app locker which provides a good security lock for WhatsApp. Though some might provide a reliable locking feature, the unwanted Ads will be there on the lock screen which simply ruins the experience.

Some Things To Know About OGWhastapp

OGWhatsApp is an altered version of official WhatsApp which is modified and few changes have been made to make the user experience much better. We can say it is a third party app that doesn’t come from developers of Whatsapp. Though the OGWhatsapp new version doesn’t come from the official source, it is still safe and secure to use. It will not hamper your privacy in any way but since the OGWhatsapp is a third party app we have to take care of some things in order to protect ourselves from the online threat.

OGWhastapp screenshot

Use OGWhatsapp as a secondary account: Use your primary account which you mainly use for business and important work. an open secondary account on OGWhatsApp new which you will use for casual chatting and for personal life. Primary account has a lot of important data and business credential which should not go in wrong hands if any online threat happens to be there.

Do Not Overuse any features: Though OGWhatsapp differs from the original version of WhatsApp, all the activities you do in the app go through their servers. Whatsapp officials have always eyes on illegal activities and they might ban activities that are offending their terms and conditions and privacy policy. That’s why we are suggesting you do not overuse any features and try to keep things in the limit.

Frequently asked questions about OGWhatsApp 2020 APK

Is OGWhatsapp an official application?

No, OGWhatsapp is a third party modified version of the original one which comes with lots of features. Since Whatsapp doesn’t provide any of the additional useful features, many third-party developers have modified apps to make the Whatsapp experience even better.

From where I can download OGWhatsapp?

Since the app is modified and certain changes have been made in it, it is not available on the Play Store. But, we at gbwhatsapp are providing you with a direct link of the latest version of OGWhatsapp. You can download it by simply tapping it.

Is OGWhatsapp free to use?

Yes, OGWhatsapp has always been free as of the original version. There are no additional fees or charges for using OGWhatsapp. It is totally free of cost and in the future too it will remain free of cost

Will I be get banned for using Download OGWhatsApp APK?

No, actually the app has been modded to make use of some of the additional useful features which are not present in the original version. You won’t be banned for using OGWhatsapp and its additional features.

Frequently asked questions feature some organised details of OGWhatsApp 2020 APK. It will provide you with the answers of some frequently asked questions about OGWhatsApp. As you know, some questions just come in our mind while using OGWA. So here you are and I hope this FAQ will help you.

Question 1. Using OGWhatsApp APK 2020 will never ban us?

Using OGWhatsApp is safe unlike many WhatsApp Mods but if we will use the illegally termed features which are against the policies of official WhatsApp. Then it will ban our account. WhatsApp is not associated with any of the WhatsApp mods, so using features which are not acceptable in the WhatsApp Officials, will definitely gonna ban our account. So it’s better to use OGWA for safe use so that we won’t be banned.

Question 2. What is Mod APK?

A mod is a modified version of any application. These modified versions are may or may not be associated with the original application. Just like OGWA, which is one of a mod of WhatsApp. It includes more features than the original one. Also, for your kind information, it is not associated with official WhatsApp. These mods are mostly developed by the third-party developers.

Question 3. Is it safe to use 2020 Version of OGWhatsApp?

As I told earlier, if you will use normal features of OGWhatsapp, that will be fine, but if you will use those features which are not acceptable by terms and conditions of official WhatsApp, then your account may be banned. But using OGWA will not lead any problem to your device. It doesn’t require a rooted device either. So if you want to download the Latest Version of OGWA, you can give it a try. I hope you will love it.

Question 4. Can I use the same account for official Whatsapp and OGWhatsapp 2020 Version?

Yes, you can use the same account for both official Whatsapp and OGWhatsapp APK 2020 Version. But the only problem is when you will try to log in your account, the other application of Whatsapp app will not work. You will need to log in again and the same thing will happen again. So that you can’t use one account in WA and OGWA at the same time. But still, you can use one account if you have enough patience to log in and log out repeatedly.

Question 5. From where I can download the Latest Updates of OGWhatsApp APK 2020?

To download OGWA latest updates, you can visit our website. We brought latest updates of our mods. Also, it is very easy to download them. As you know, we use a fast one-tap downloading button for our APKs. So whenever you need to download any update, you can visit our website in order to download them.

Question 6. OGWhatsApp is available for my iOS device?

Currently, OGWA is not available on iOS devices. But you may try GBWhatsApp which is also a mod of WhatsApp. You can read our GBWA article in order to know the features. And also, whenever we will get news about OGWA iOS version, we will let you know. Till then rely on official WhatsApp of you can download GBWhatsApp for iOS.

Yes, you can still chat, have a voice and video calls with the people who are using the official version of Whatsapp. It doesn’t matter which version they are using, because all the Whatsapp third-party versions work flawlessly and communicate with each other without any issues.

Installation Guide

Time needed: 3 minutes.

install the APK on your Android phone in order to run it. There are three … following sections provide detailed instructions for each of the methods. All methods …

  1. Download Apk Go to processing download page. Find out the download link. ( …Click on the relevant link .Wait for the download to finish.
  2. Find The APKAfter completing the download process, navigate the download folder of your Android phone and find the Downloaded APK file(You can use a Better File manager like Es File Explorer).
  3. Enable Unknown sourcesNow You have to Enable Unknown sources from your Android Setting because Android Security system doesn’t allow installing any kind of application outside of Google Play Store. To Enable it Navigate Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, Now you will se a tick mark click on that.
  4. Install the APK Just open your file, find the APK file you want to download, and tap it – you should then be able to see it downloading on the top bar of your device.Once it’s downloaded, open Downloads, tap on the APK file, and tap Yes when prompted.
  5. Installed! All Done.That’s it Done! Now you have Successfully Installed the Desire Mod APK.

Now you all know about Download OGWhatsApp APK, from where you will download it and how will you install it? Worry not we have got you covered! To install OGWhatsapp to your android phone, simply go through this installation guide.

First of all, you will need to download the OGWhatsapp from the trusted source which we provide on our side. We have provided you the direct download link from the trusted site.

After downloading the OGWhatsapp updated APK, go to the File manager of your phone, look for the OGWhatsapp APK and tap on it. This will initiate the process of installation. The installation process might take a few moments.

After the installation process is completed, you actually don’t need to do anything. All you have to do is to open the app and start using the awesome and useful features of Download OGWhatsApp APK.

Final Verdict

Everyone might have different needs and purposes of using the OGWhatsapp new version, Going through all the information and FaQ, you have got to know about the OG Whatsapp plus update and its features. It is not the same version but it is definitely a better version than the official one. You will get a much better experience than the same old Whatsapp with OGWhatsapp. You can download the OGWhatsapp APK by simply clicking on the download links below and start using these awesome features. Keep downloading “OGMods WhatsApp” from this site.

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