FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version V8.50 – Anti-Ban 2020

FMWhatsApp APK  is one of the modified versions of the official WhatsApp in which you will find many better features and options to which you can’t even imagine. Make your social life better and different from others by having FMWhatsApp APK on your smartphone.It never matters whether the App is official or not.

The users need the best application which has more features available. Although this version of WhatsApp is not official it is developed by a trusted source named Fouad Mokdad who revolutionized social apps by introducing their different modes.

FMWhatsApp APK Download

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App NameFMWhatsapp APK
Version Requairment4.2 Version
Total Download200000+
DeveloperFM Mods
Last Update1 Day ago
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FMWhatsApp APK is getting popular every day due to its unique interface and beneficial features. The app is available with the title ‘FM WhatsApp’ Its size is only 52 MBs and it is the latest version of WhatsApp. It is last updated on January 30, 2020.

Features of FMWhatsApp APK 

FM WhatsApp is offering lots of better features than the original application. This is the reason for the popularity of this Apk. It has millions of download and still, the number is increasing.

Here are some of the features to which you can get in FMWhatsApp APK .


The best thing about FM WhatsApp is that it provides full freedom to customize your application as you want. It means that you can change the icon design, color combination, interface of the app, notification bar and chats. You will get 100 different themes to which you can apply for making your app more interesting. You can try something new every day and make your friends surprise by showing the unique interface of your WhatsApp.

Anti-delete texts

You might be familiar with the message-deleting feature of the official WhatsApp in which you can remove the message easily that you have already sent to the other person. Similarly, people send messages to you and delete them which appear very irritating and make you curious. FMWhatsApp APK is offering the anti-delete feature for the messages. By using this feature, you can see what the other person has sent you even he has deleted the message.

Allow specific contacts to call

Using FMWhatsApp, you can easily avoid unnecessary and annoying calls. You can easily choose those contacts who can call you, while all of the others cannot call you without your permission.

View Deleted Statuses

FMWhatsApp APK is a fantastically amazing application as it has lots of features better than the official version of WhatsApp. In this mode, you can view those statuses which were already deleted by the contacts. You can check the deleted statuses whenever you log in on FM WhatsApp. In this way, you can see what people are doing in your absence.

Remove forwarded Tag

Forwarded message tag is the recent update in official WhatsApp by which you come to know if someone has sent a forwarded message to you. In FM WhatsApp, this restriction can easily be removed by its smart feature of Forwarded tag removal. Use this feature and forward as many messages as you want without letting others know about it.

Non-Contacts Chats

You can chat with the people who are not in your contact list by FMWhatsApp. There is no need to save the number as this application allows you to send messages directly.

Hide blue ticks and delivery Report

FMWhatsApp lets the user hide their blue ticks, white ticks, and delivery report. You can easily hide your view from the statuses and can view messages in personal chats without even showing a delivery report to the senders. You can also hide the ‘typing’ status during chatting and also hide ‘recording’ status when you are going to send audio to your contacts via FM WhatsApp.

Freeze your last Seen

Using FMWhatsApp, you can easily freeze your last seen and don’t let others view your last seen. Moreover, you can easily view their last seen and see their online appearance as well.

Media Sharing Features

Although, Official WhatsApp allows you to send images and videos to your friends you cannot send large-sized videos and more than 30 images in a single turn. FMWhatsApp APK provides the opportunity to send videos up to the size of 50 MBs easily. The overall media sharing limit is 1 GB which is more than sufficient. This feature is incredibly amazing and it saves time of the user.

Conversation Privacy

You can put privacy on different conversations within the FM WhatsApp very easily. Put passwords, fingerprints, and patterns to keep your chats safe and secret without applying privacy to the whole WhatsApp. This is a good option for the users who need to save the texts and files in the chat.

Dual Accounts

Using FM WhatsApp, you can make two accounts comfortably without installing another app. It means that FM WhatsApp is offering you dual account services by which you can use two different numbers within this version.

WhatsApp Status Characters

In official WhatsApp, you can write status using few characters only and you cannot write anything on a single page of the status with the given limit. In the case of FM WhatsApp, you can use up to 250 characters which is a bigger number compared to the original one. This modified version of WhatsApp has lots of better features that are not even available in the official app.

Emojis and Stickers

There are lots of Emojis available on official WhatsApp but these Emojis are very simple and mostly used by all of the WhatsApp users. Instead, FM WhatsApp has different packs of Emojis to which you can easily use during conversations, updating statuses and having gossips with friends. Your contacts would be surprised to see such unique Emojis and stickers and it would be great fun. You can apply these Emojis and stickers on your snaps using FM WhatsApp.

Bugs Fixing

FM WhatsApp fixes several bugs and saves your device from different types of issues. Although it’s a third-party application you will not face any trouble by FM WhatsApp. It never shows unnecessary advertisements and annoying videos which often appear with the installation of a similar application.

Video Calling Feature

Using FM WhatsApp, you can easily deactivate the video calling feature and never let others make irritating video calls to you. This feature is fantastically excellent and makes your account more protective. Allow some of your contacts to can make calls and avoid all others by disabling video calling features.

App Locking Feature

You are unable to add privacy on official WhatsApp by using its interface. While in the case of FM WhatsApp you can save your WhatsApp contacts and keep your conversation completely secure by applying password on this app. The built-in app lock can be applied to conversations too so that you can keep them personal.


In FM WhatsApp, you can many people for making groups. Official WhatsApp limit the number of adding people to the group. Use the FM WhatsApp and add up to 500 people in a group.

User-friendly Interface

FM WhatsApp can be used easily as it has simple and easy to understand features. The user-friendly interface helps to operate this app comfortably and make desired changes in FM WhatsApp.

Installation Process of FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp is a third party application. It is not available on Google play store but doesn’t worry about it you can easily find it over the official page of FMWhatsApp APK. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow for the installation of FM WhatsApp.

  • Allow the permissions of the unknown source from the privacy settings of your phone for the downloading of FM WhatsApp
  • Visit the official page of FMWhatsApp APK and click over the link given for FM WhatsApp.
  • Save the file in the Downloads folder
  • Wait until the installation completes
  • Launch the app and make your accounts to enjoy amazing features of FM WhatsApp

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How can I differentiate between official WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp?

There are lots of features that make FM WhatsApp different from official WhatsApp. You cannot find this application on Google play store and it has a customizable icon and features which are not offered by official WhatsApp.

Is FMWhatsApp banned?

Absolutely not, you won’t get banned or blocked by someone if you are using this modified version of WhatsApp in your device. FM WhatsApp is a protected application and its privacy features are beyond expectations. So, download this app in your device and get all these benefits freely.

What is the minimum requirement of android for FM WhatsApp working?

FMWhatsApp needs a minimum operating system of Android4.0 for its successful working

FMWhatsapp APK

Final Words

FMWhatsApp APK is an absolute king of messaging apps that let you break all the limitations present on the official WhatsApp. Improve your media sharing habits, make more friends and see what people are posting without letting them know. These features are super fantastic and these features are provided to the user free of cost. Download FM WhatsApp in your device and change your regular style of using messaging apps.

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