[Update] WhatsApp Status Video Group Link 2020

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We understand that many of you are looking for funny jokes and some of you are actively looking for memes to know the status of WhatsApp, or funny memes for WhatsApp to share with your friends and family. WhatsApp group memes provide a great and simple opportunity to keep in touch and share a laugh with your loved ones. Through this post, we want to help you gain access to the fun WhatsApp group for jokes and memes. The links of the WhatsApp group listed in our publication will act as a rich source of WhatsApp group jokes, Hindi jokes for WhatsApp, joke videos for WhatsApp, etc., providing everything you are looking for.

PUBG WhatsApp Group

  • Game Over – Link
  • Tournaments – Link
  • War Squad Members – Link
  • PUBG Pro Players – Link
  • Fandom – Link
  • PUBG Mobile – Link
  • Lovers – Link
  • Arena – Link
  • Live Match – Link
  • Royal Pass – Link
  • PUBG Tips & Tricks – Link
  • Tips – Link
  • Money with PUBG – Link
  • PUBG Tournament [Earn Paytm] – Link
  • PUBG Tournaments – Link
  • Cash Tournaments – Link
  • FreeFire – Link
  • GameZone Buddy – Link

Entertainment WhatsApp Group

  • Only MP3 Songs – Link
  • Biker Group – Link
  • Joker Fan Club – Link
  • Fun & Entertainment – Link
  • Status Video – Link
  • Movie Quotes & Lines – Link
  • HighMash – Link
  • Movies Masti – Link
  • Funny Video & Jokes – Link
  • Love You – Link
  • Funny Videos 2k19 – Link
  • Youtube Family – Link
  • Entertainment Panda – Link
  • New Movies – Link
  • Gamers All Game – Link

Indian WhatsApp Group

  • Friendship Group – Link
  • Engineering ka Dimaag – Link
  • കുത്ത് – Link
  • Bhaichara – Link
  • Rangilo Rajasthan – Link
  • Jai Hind – Link
  • Bajrang Dal – Link
  • Yaara Di Yaari – Link
  • Ohi RJ Aale – Link
  • Everything Available – Link

USA WhatsApp Group

  • Stupid People – Link
  • Hello Hello – Link
  • Funny Master – Link
  • Share It – Link
  • Fun Globally – Link
  • Mega Funk 2019 – Link
  • Funny Dairy – Link
  • International Chats – Link
  • Cyrus – Link
  • Hello Boy – Link
  • Happy – Link
  • Share Gang – Link
  • Share Ideas – Link
  • Global Debates – Link
  • Be a Human – Link

Funny WhatsApp Group

  • Tamil Comedy Group – Link
  • Hansi Ka Pitara – Link
  • Only Funny Video – Link
  • Non-Stop Fun – Link
  • Only Jokes – Link
  • Only Jokes – Link
  • Funny Group – Link
  • Funny Videos and Images – Link
  • The Brand आश्रम – Link
  • Jiyo Hass Hass Ke – Link

Offers WhatsApp Group

  • Amazing Deals – Link
  • Amazon Deals (New) – Link
  • Youtube Subscribers – Link
  • Best Deals – Link
  • Fashion Hub 2019 – Link
  • Top Class Products – Link
  • Brand Store – Link
  • Fashion Club – Link
  • Shopping Cart – Link
  • Offer & Tricks – Link

News WhatsApp Group

The best part is that it is free to join and you can be part of as many groups as you want. We will tell you all about how this is possible.

What better than some beautiful and thoughtful shayari and ghazals delivered on WhatsApp during the day. Without a doubt, it is really difficult to find good Shayari WhatsApp Group links on the Internet. But you know what: we searched the Internet and found the best active WhatsApp group links to share shayari.

Shayari for Boys & GirlsAll Language ShayariShayari Group Link Join Lovely Shayari GroupDil Se ShayariHeart Touching Shayari😎Love jokes and shayari: 4G ShayariMehfil-E-ShayariSHAYARI SANJANA KIDil Ki Baat Shayari Ke SaathPakistani Shayari Group2 Line ShayariHindi India ShayariLove Shayari Shayari Is My Life Only ShayariOnly ShayariShayariShayari BoyMehfil-E-ShayariAndaz A ShayariMehfil-E-Shayari
If you’re fond of shayari, a lot more shayari whatsapp group links are here.

Shayari WhatsApp Group

  • Love Story – Link
  • Pyaari Shayari – Link
  • Batla House – Link
  • Status Shayari – Link
  • Apna Time Aayega – Link
  • Sirf Shayari – Link
  • Sad Status Shayari – Link
  • Shayari Majnu – Link
  • Bewafa Shayari – Link
  • Poetry Lover – Link
  • Sad Shayari – Link
  • Only Status – Link
  • Sad Shayari Only – Link
  • I Love Hate – Link
  • Shayari Group – Link
  • Punjabi Ghazal – Link
  • Only On Shayari – Link

Today, funny jokes can play a fundamental role in our lives, since each person has become so busy that you can barely take time to sit, relax and enjoy. Long hours of work and the high pressure environment along with financial decisions and relational tensions are causing high levels of stress. Therefore, jokes can act as an excellent stress buster and relieve our lives. The jokes work very well because they are shared and make one feel connected with friends and loved ones, even if it has to be for a few minutes in a day.

  • Tamil Comedy Group – Link
  • Hansi Ka Pitara – Link
  • Only Funny Video – Link
  • Non-Stop Fun – Link
  • Only Jokes – Link
  • Only Jokes – Link
  • Funny Group – Link
  • Funny Videos and Images – Link
  • The Brand आश्रम – Link
  • Jiyo Hass Hass Ke – Link

The jokes bring a smile on the face and increase the mood. To spread this joy to the maximum group of people, we have listed Funny WhatsApp Group Links in this post so you can start receiving the latest political jokes, Hindi jokes, the latest funny videos, non-vegetarian jokes and funny memes for whatsapp. Join the WhatsApp group links mentioned here by clicking on the “Join now” button. To know more about joining, the following steps should be considered.

  • Below, you will find many funny whatsapp group links with a ‘Join now’ button next to it. All you need to do is click on the button of your favourite group link that will redirect you to the next page
  • On the next page, you may get options of different applications. If so, then you must find the option for WhatsApp and select it. Otherwise, you can ignore this step as you would have directly landed on WhatsApp.
  • You will be asked to join the WhatsApp Group and you can click the join button here. This will add you to the selected group.
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Once you join any whatsapp group, make sure you follow the group rules and respect all members in the groups so that the group admin does not remove you.

Do you like movies and want to find friends who also like similar movies? Do you want to discuss and review the latest movies? You may want to discover the best movies in any language or Indian state. Or you simply want to watch and share viral video clips and songs from famous movies. Then you must join the following WhatsApp groups for movie buffs.

Movies Masti celeds🎥⚡🎞🍿 💿   Join Now

Movies Discussion🎥⚡🎞   Join Now

Hindi movies:    Join Now

💿New movies RAR:    Join Now

Latest Movies   Join Now

HD movies   Join Now

Movies    Join Now

Malayalam movie series   Join Now

X3XX Local Movies   Join Now


Hollywood Movies   Join Now

Only movies   Join Now

😎Indian Movie Addicted Boys:    Join Now

New Malayalam movie   Join Now

Torrent movies update:    Join Now

📽🎞HD MOVIES🎞📽:    Join Now

💿🎬 HD Movies 720p&1080p 📺:    Join Now

Movies update   Join Now

New Malayalam movie   Join Now

✈✈Animated Movies 🚓🚓   Join Now

Movies only   Join Now

💿🎞DAILY🎥MOVIES📀HD☠ 2:    Join Now

💑Movies only 3:    Join Now

😎World gift cuties movie:    Join Now

Only Movies   Join Now

Movie bazaar    Join Now

All Movies Mostly unrated   Join Now

Hindi Movies   Join Now

Lots more movie whatsapp group links here.

Are you specifically interested in keeping up to date with everything related to Indian politics and want to receive updates on your favorite political parties like BJP, Congress or politicians like Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, etc.? Then, join whatsapp group links focused on politics and politicians to get all kinds of news, memes and information about them.

🚩2019 Mission Sirf BJP♥:    Join Now

Vote For BJP Party   Join Now

🚩BJP BAGALKOT:    Join Now

🚩🐄 गो सेवा अभियान 🐄:    Join Now

🚩We support narendr modi🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏:    Join Now

🚩BJP MANDYA:    Join Now

Bjp news   Join Now

🌷Narendra Modi Fans:    Join Now

BJP News   Join Now

🚩BJP RAICHUR:    Join Now

🚩Beautiful:    Join Now

🚩Nagaram bjp. Party:    Join Now

🌷🔵🌾🌹Modi mission🌹🌾🔵:   Join Now

🚩BJP🚩RSS 🚩boy’s 🚩🇮🇳:    Join Now

🚩BJP DHARWAD:    Join Now

🚩अंतरराष्ट्रीय तेली युवामंच जमशेदपुर:    Join Now

🚩हिन्दू राष्ट्र🚩🚩🚩:    Join Now

🚩modi boys:    Join Now

🚩Samajwadi online sena:    Join Now


🚩🇮🇳Political Debate🇮🇳: :    Join Now

🚩🇮🇳कट्टर हिन्दू 🇮🇳(भा०ज०पा)🇮🇳:    Join Now

Politics WhatsApp Group India   Join Now

Indian Politics   Join Now

🌷BJP🌷 supporters💯:    Join Now

🚩🏹भगवा ध्वज रक्षक 68🏹🚩:    Join Now

🚩राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ:    Join Now

🚩🏹भगवा ध्वज रक्षक 69🏹🚩:    Join Now

🚩भारतीये जनता पार्टी:    Join Now

🚩🚩Har har modi🚩🚩:   Join Now

🚩Jay Shree Ram Bhiiiiiii🚩:    Join Now

🚩I Support Narendra Modi:    Join Now

🚩35🙏🚩 श्री राम राज्य*हिंदू🚩🙏:    Join Now

🚩भारतीय जनता पक्ष:    Join Now

🚩हिंदू_एकता✊🏻💪🏻GrOuP🚩:    Join Now

🚩Modi Sena Gujarat 〽:    Join Now


🚩🦋🦋🚩भगवा राज🚩🦋🦋:   Join Now

🚩BJP GULBARGA:    Join Now

🚩🚩हिन्दू युवा वाहनी:    Join Now

🇮🇳🚩🕉 भगवा हिन्दुस्तान 🕉🚩🇮🇳:    Join Now

🚩HAM HAI 🇮🇳🐅HINDU SHER🇮🇳:    Join Now

🚩जय हिन्दू राष्ट्र:    Join Now

🚩BJP HAVERI:    Join Now

Vote for BJP   Join Now

🚩🕉🕉🕉Hindu jagran🕉🕉🕉:    Join Now

🚩🐆🚩 वन्दे मातरम्🇮🇳 🐅:    Join Now



The trompt rule in political   Join Now

🚩जय श्री राम॥:    Join Now

🚩BJP BNG RURAL:    Join Now

🚩हिंदू एक खूंखार शेर:    Join Now

🚩🌻🌻🌻बजरंगी ग्रुप🌹🌹🌷🚩:    Join Now

🚩🚩राष्ट्रीय हिंदू एकता 🚩🚩:    Join Now

ONLY BJP   Join Now

🚩भारतीय जनता पार्टी 🌷🌷⚔⚔:    Join Now

🚩छात्र एकता जिन्दा बाद BUI:    Join Now

🚩B J P🚩:    Join Now

🚩ಭಕ್ತರ ಬಳಗ:    Join Now

🚩😎 डेंजरस जाट पश्चिम आला ⚔️:    Join Now

News24   Join Now

🚩नरेंद्र मोदी 2019 काशी 8:    Join Now

🌷bjp Discussion group:    Join Now

🚩🙏🏻अपना बिहार 🙏🏻:    Join Now

Bjp   Join Now

👑 Modi Raj 👑   Join Now

Political Islam group   Join Now

🚩BJP BNG NORTH:    Join Now

🚩 ⚔ बजरंग दल ⚔🚩:    Join Now

🚩None:    Join Now

🚩B.J.P. VIKAS:    Join Now

🚩5हिन्दू एकता मंच:    Join Now


🚩🇮🇳🇮🇳हम सब भारतवासी🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🙏:    Join Now

🚩🚩संघ परिवार मेरठ 🚩🚩:    Join Now

🚩Gau maata ki jai🙏🙏 🙏:    Join Now

Online Samaj   Join Now

🚩ब्राहम्ण संसार🚩:    Join Now

Politics WhatsApp Group India   Join Now

🚩BJP BELLARY:    Join Now

Trend Congress News   Join Now

⚔️🚩जय,🚩श्री,🚩राम🚩⚔️:    Join Now

I Support modi   Join Now

जय श्री राम   Join Now

🚩Vadodara Junction:    Join Now

🚩💚⛳ ,भगवा वादळ,⛳💚:    Join Now

Modi G   Join Now

🚩🔥🔥🔥 भक्त महाकाल के 🔥🔥🔥:    Join Now

Trend News   Join Now

Politics WhatsApp Group India   Join Now

🚩🏹भगवा ध्वज रक्षक 67🏹🚩:    Join Now

🌷Congress 4 Youth:    Join Now

🚩🇮🇳 दिल है हिंदुस्तानी 🇮🇳:    Join Now

🚩⛳भगवा⛳ Force ⛳:    Join Now

🚩🐅 कट्टर 🚩हिन्दू 🚩 शेर 💪 💪:    Join Now

🚩BJP UDUPI & C”MLORE:    Join Now

🚩ಭಾ ಜ ಪ ಮೈಸೂರು:    Join Now

👆राष्ट्रीय जनता दल(RJD)👆:    Join Now

🚩Modi: The Game Changer:    Join Now

Politics WhatsApp Group India   Join Now

🚩62❤❤हम सब HINDU एक हैं❤❤:    Join Now

🚩भाजपा लक्ष्य 19:    Join Now

🚩Youth 🚩support🚩 modi:    Join Now

🚩Hindu yuva vahini:    Join Now


🚩🇮🇳एक ता हमारी ताकत🇮🇳:    Join Now

🚩भाजपा गोरखपुर:    Join Now

🚩सत्य सनातन हिन्दू धर्म:    Join Now

🚩180हिन्दू राष्ट्र भारत🚩:    Join Now

Interested in WhatsApp business group links? We have you covered. Whether you are interested in the online business WhatsApp group link, the start WhatsApp group link or the regular business WhatsApp group links, we have listed a good combination of all of them so you can find at least a group that seems relevant. Your initiative to be part of a goal-oriented community is commendable and we encourage you to find the right group so you can contribute effectively to it. Here is the list of WhatsApp business group links.

No.1 free business💰MLM with Crypto Business🌹: 💸💯TotalQ Business🤑:BUSINESS ZONE 2Bvm business: 💰Momentous MLM Business: BUSINESS@KERALABusiness EnhancerOnline business gourpBest businessBusiness Opportunities: 😂Share Business Ideas: Great businessBusiness outsource in India🌆Business Start-up Ideas: 💸💯Genuine business plan:😎Business Technology: Oriflame Business: Job alert: 💸💯Mlm business:Long Term Business Plan: NAPR HOME BUSINESS:Business OfferDO NOT HERE business😎Business plan….: Lifetime business oppurt: 😎Pakistan Business forum: Online Business🎯Advertise your business: 💸💯New Business MLM:🎯PIUNI Telecom Business: 😎01 forum business: 

For all cricket and football fans, we have the best list of WhatsApp groups. If you are a fan of Virat Kohli, Dhoni, Messi or Ronaldo, we have a group for each of you. There are also groups that provide the latest news updates related to your favorite sport. It is the best of both worlds really. Stay updated and communicate with people who share their passion for the sport. Let’s take a look at all the links of sports WhatsApp groups.

Cricket Discussion🏏   Join Now

Virat Kohli Fan’s Group🇮🇳   Join Now

Cricket Lovers Group🏏🏏⚡💕   Join Now

Gujjar cricket Prediction   Join Now

Cricket   Join Now

🏏⚾Ms dhoni fan🎾🏏💫   Join Now

🏏CSK IPL 2019🦁💛:   Join Now


🏏Swag cricket..!:    Join Now

🏏Mumbai Indians IPL:    Join Now

🏏Live Cricket:   Join Now

India🇮🇳🏏cricket🏆🥇🏏club⚾   Join Now


Cricket is our life    Join Now

🏏King Kohli die-fans club🏏:   Join Now

IPL 10   Join Now

🏏INDIAN Cricket Team Fans🏏:   Join Now

🏏World Cricket Updates:    Join Now

🛡😎🏏〽s Dhoni Fan Club🇮🇳😎🛡   Join Now

Cricket Updates   Join Now


🏏Cricket india:    Join Now

🇮🇳🏏Dhoni Fans Army 🏏🇮🇳   Join Now

ICC Cricket   Join Now

Cricket Lovers   Join Now

IPL 2019   Join Now

Dhoni Fans   Join Now

Cricket news   Join Now

🏏IPL News:   Join Now

World Cricket Champ   Join Now

Virat Kohli   Join Now

IPL 2018 🏏🏆   Join Now

Cricket Holic   Join Now

🏏virat Kohli lover:   Join Now

Cricket Fans   Join Now

🏏🏏 CRICKET 🏏🏏:    Join Now

Cricket   Join Now

🏏🇵🇰 Cricket⚾ Update🏏🇵🇰:   Join Now

😎Cricket Of PAKISTAN:    Join Now


🏏Only ipl vener:   Join Now

🏏🏏IPL fever🏏🏏:   Join Now

🏏Mumbai Indians fans IPL🏏:   Join Now

VIVO IPL 2018   Join Now

Indian Cricket Team   Join Now


Virat Kohli Fans Club😎   Join Now

My team football   Join Now

New football league   Join Now

Link to Join   Join Now

Cricket Updates   Join Now

Soccer world   Join Now


⚽Football lovers worldwide:    Join Now

Indian Cricket Group   Join Now

FootBall Lovers   Join Now

Gamers   Join Now

Cricket Troll World   Join Now

Clash of clans   Join Now


Bollywood   Join Now

A lot more free WhatsApp group links are available and we will keep growing our repository to keep you updated about the latest indian group links.

Here you will get the last WhatsApp group link that will be 100% active and here we continue updating the daily link so that you can get the active link for everyone, if you also send the link of your group on our site, then the link of that group Se will present here so that the user easily obtains the link of the WhatsApp group.

Tik Tok WhatsApp Group

  • Project Ravers For YouTube – Link
  • TikTok Videos – Link
  • Tik Tok User – Link
  • Tik Tok ❤❤ – Link
  • TikTok Creators – Link
  • TikTok @Chandigarh – Link
  • Stars – Link
  • Follow – Link
  • TikTok India – Link
  • Support TikTok – Link
  • TikTok Lovers – Link
  • TikTok Friends – Link
  • Social Media TikTok – Link
  • Stars Of TikTok – Link
  • TikTok Videos Collection – Link
  • Tik Tokers – Link
  • TikTok India – Link
  • Likee Video – Link

Study WhatsApp Group

  • Naukri – Link
  • The People of Study – Link
  • Be Bachelor Be Motivated – Link
  • Guru Smart Academy – Link
  • MasterChef – Link
  • TypingTutor – Link
  • NEET Study – Link
  • Live Life – Link
  • Web Designers – Link
  • Great Spiritual Teacher – Link

Adult 18+ WhatsApp Group

Girls WhatsApp Group

  • Only Girls – Link
  • Girls Chatroom – Link
  • Teddy Bear – Link
  • Gossip Fun – Link
  • Sai Pallavi – Link
  • Black Pink – Link
  • Stupid Girls – Link
  • One-Love – Link

Technology WhatsApp Group

  • Error – Link
  • Digital Marketing – Link
  • Technical Rajendra – Link
  • Savings & Investment – Link

Hacking WhatsApp Group

  • Hacking – Link
  • CryptoCrunches – Link
  • Hacker United VII – Link

Kerala WhatsApp Group

Rules that you must follow are mentioned below

  • Share legit jokes in the group
  • No vulgar or adult content allowed on these groups
  • Never abuse other group members
  • Try to avoid fighting with other group members. Groups are not the place for personal conflicts
  • No personal messaging the group members
  • No rumors and Fake News

Overall, members are requested to respect the purpose of the group. The group should not be used to send personal, business related or other irrelevant messages. It is considered a good practice to react to content shared by others to maintain a healthy community.

WhatsApp Group FAQ

Find all the WhatsApp Group links frequently asked questions below.

How to Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link?

Tap on the Group name.
Now to create group link, just click on “Invite via Link”.
WhatsApp group invite link will be generated automatically.

How can I find a Whatsapp group link?

Click on group info.
Now click on add member option.
Find invite group via the link.
Now Copy and share it with anyone.

How to join WhatsApp group without permission?

Anyone can only join a WhatsApp group without permission if you have an “invite group via link”. Just open the link to join the WhatsApp group without admin permission.

How to Revoke WhatsApp Group Link?

Note: Only WhatsApp group admin has Permission to revoke any link.
Open the group that you want to revoke the link.
Tap on the group name.
Scroll and click on “Invite via the link”.
You will find a new option “Revoke Link”.
Click on the button and the WhatsApp group link will be revoked.


I hope you liked the huge collection of more than 10,000 links to active public groups of WhatsApp. I tried to cover as many different categories and languages as I could think. Hopefully, you found and joined more than a few groups of your interest. You can always find more WhatsApp group links in different categories by going to the dedicated publication for each category.

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