PUBG UC Purchase Free – Tips And Tricks To Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile

Hello all of you welcome to Offers News. In this post, I will tell you about PUBG Free UC Trick, PUBG Free UC Trick Season13, PUBG Mobile Free UC 2020, PUBG Free Royal Pass Trick, so let’s see.

Friends, today’s post is for every pubg player. In this, PUBG Free 100 UC are giving. There are tricks for those who have 200 UC in PUBG account. It is not known whether it is Gubich of PUBG or whether PUBG has deliberately kept it open. More of you will have Royal Pass.

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How to Get Free 7000 UC in PUBG Mobile Account:

  • Download the WeGame Application from play store or Wait For the Download Button

  • Signup with Facebook
  • Then you will receive a welcome message asking your Nickname and Game Id (see image below)
  • Open your game and write down nickname and game id
  • And come back to the app chat and reply your nickname comma your game id and send it

PUBG Mobile Free UC 2020

Those who do not have to apply from the Play Store to purchase up to 200 UC. This will invest your less money and you will also get 100 UC for free. I will also share a trick with it, so that you will be able to collect 100 UC extras and more. Post Mavin remain from end to end, as these posts are important for every PUBG lover.

Free Royal Pass UC Trick: –

It is considered PUBG’s Gillich or Off, but PUBG has given these off to everyone. In this off, you have to invest 200 UC first. Which will give 2000 betel coins. You have to redeem these coins. Once redeemed, you will be given 300 UC in return.

PUBG UC purchase

First you bought the Battle Coins of 200 UC and then redeemed it and collected 300 UC in extras, then we gained 100 UC in the meantime. Battle coins can be purchased up to the first 1000 coins at a time, but we have to buy 2000 betel coins. For this, 1000 more coins will have to be purchased again. By doing this, there will be 2000 coins. In total, you have to buy 2 times betel coins.

PUBG Mobile Free UC

As soon as you buy coins, you have to click on the message to collect it. Then click on collect all. Your 1000 betel coins will be added to the bonus challenge. In this way, you have to buy 1000 – 1000 betel coins 2 times and collect them from the message. After that redeem will get 300 UC.

PUBG Free 100 UC Trick: – These are running in India bonus off of PUBG Mobile. To get a free UC, first click on the 4 type icon, which is to the right of the START button.
After clicking on it, click on the bonus reward. Clicking will come to the India Bonus Challenge page today.

After that, there will be a Betel Coins icon on the right site of the end, which may contain some Coins. When I did it had 100 coins. There may be some coins in your account too. There will be a plus icon next to the betel coins. Click on it.
Buy 1000 betel coins after clicking. You have to buy 2 times coins.
Collect the message after purchasing the coins. After that the bonuses come to the challenge page.
Then click on the Redeem section. After this the 300 UC pack will have the option to redeem below.
Redeem the betel coins by clicking Redeem. Your message may have received a message of 300 UC. Collect UC by clicking collect all. By doing this you will get 100 UC extras.

Free PUBG UC purchase by online survey

PUBG UC purchase

This is the easiest method, especially if you are using an Android. There are tons of legitimate online survey sites and applications on the Internet that will give you a good amount of money just by completing your survey. You can also choose to earn Google Credits as a reward and use those credits for your free PUBG UC purchase. We have selected some of the best apps below to take surveys and get free credits from Google.


PUBG UC purchase

If you’ve been searching for ways to make money online, you’ve probably heard of Swagbucks. The rewards site has over 20 million registered users who can earn points by surveying, playing games, buying and watching videos. These points can be exchanged for cash or a variety of gift cards.

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PUBG Mobile is one of the popular online battleground game. Now PUBG Mobile has joined hands with popular Indian platform to offer UC cash at a discounted price through various payment options.

PUBG Mobile is a free to play game for both Android and iOS smartphone users. However, player have the option of getting some advantage by buying some in-game cosmetic like costumes or weapons. But to buy these cosmetics you need UC (Unknown Cash) which is the in-game currency.

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